Our story started whena group of doctors and scientists from the pharmaceutical industry were notable to find high quality natural wellness solutions, made with Halalingredients; free of pork, alcohol and sustainable sources.
We began our sharedquest and called it “Noor”, which means light, so that it would inspire us to fulfillour promise of creating natural wellness solutions with pure & sustainableingredients, free of pork and alcohol derivatives, and with potent & provenhealth benefits.
NoorVitamins™, a divisionof Noor Pharmaceuticals, which continues to be managed by doctors and scientists,delivers on this promise of Natural Wellness with a complete and innovativeline of vitamins and supplements made with natural ingredients that are Pure,Potent, and Proven. Additionally, we are committed to ensuring that ourproducts meet the highest possible FDA, GMP and NSF scientific andmanufacturing standards. Our Halal Certification (Clickhere to view ) ensures that our products do not contain pork oralcohol based ingredients. Additionally, this Halal certification also ensures thatin the rare instances where animal sources are used, animals are handledhumanely, free of cruelty and in accordance with Halal practices.
Our products are made with trademarked scientific and natural blends that are exclusively offered at NoorVitamins™ with the following principals: 

  • Our products are gluten, GMO, soy, and allergen free

  • We never use artificial preservatives, coloring, sweeteners or flavors in our product

  • Our vitamins & supplements are made with pure natural ingredients whenever available

  • Wechoose sources that are free of contaminants

  • Our products are formulated to accommodate high amounts of active ingredient level

  • We test the potency of our products twice:  First in its raw ingredient form to make theclaim – a standard practice and then go beyond what competitors do andtest again in the finished formulas to ensure that the potency remains as listed on the label 

  • Our products are produced in select exclusive North American manufacturing facilities that pass the most stringent manufacturing standards in the world while also following sustainable practices

  • We donate a portion of all sales to charitable causes as we believe our responsibility doesn't stop with making great products but also includes leaving a lasting impact.


    • Many vitamin brands contain ingredients sourced from animals, specifically pork as well as synthetic ingredients?

    • All NoorVitamins™ and manufacturing facilities are certified Halal (Pork and alcohol free) and use the highest possible animal welfare standards by ensuring that in the rare instances where animal sources are used to source our ingredients, animals are handled humanely and free of cruelty. Additionally, we never use artificial preservatives, coloring, sweeteners or flavors in our products. We are advocates of all natural products and source all of our ingredients from natural sources whenever possible.

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